Our Projects

In fulfilling its mandate, Reese emphasizes on the realization of large-scale projects definitive of the its commitment to the public. These projects may urge a culture of heightened appreciation of history and a more sensible stewardship of the present.


Buda 22 Display

Buda Railcar Restoration Project

Reese signed a Memorandum of Agreement for the restoration and preservation of PNR Buda 21 and 22 railcars. The Buda cars are historic railcars which date back to the American colonial period.

Buda 22, successfully restored in 2009, is now displayed at the PNR Tutuban Station lobby. Buda 21 is planned to be used by Reese as a heritage inspection car. At present, Reese needs financial support to finish Buda 21.


Overview of A.S Signal Box

Abad Santos Signal Tower Project

The Abad Santos Signal Tower is one of the few remaining structures of the Manila Railroad Company Antipolo Extension (from Tutuban to Pasig including this signal tower) was opened on December 22, 1905 making this segment from Abad Santos Signal Tower to Pandacan the oldest railroad segment still in use here in the Philippines.

The Abad Santos Signal Tower houses the British made signal levers, frames and complex interlocking mechanisms. The mechanisms were made by Saxby and Farmer London which was later absorbed by the Westinghouse Brake & Saxby Signal Co. based in Chippenham, England.

The Abad Santos Project is an ongoing effort, relying solely on volunteer support.


RIHSPI at Plaza Dilao

Paco Railroad Station

Reese will spearhead the research and complete documentation of the Paco Railroad Station and surrounding communities and will play a major role in securing the declaration of the Paco Railroad Station as a National Historical Landmark. The restoration of Paco Railroad Station to its old glory will also be part of the efforts of the society.

In February 2010, Reese received a letter from the National Historical Institute and was informed that the institute recommends the declaration of the Paco Railroad station as a National Historical Landmark and the installation of a National Historical Marker.


Reese with San Pablo Photowall

350 MR Collection Exhibit

Reese acquired more than 1,200 photos from the U.S. National Archives which features the activities of the Manila Railroad Company from 1907 to 1917. Part of the collection is currently exhibited together with the Buda 22 at the Tutuban Station lobby. Photos of the Main Line South are also exhibited at the San Pablo City Museum in Laguna.

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