Vision and Mission

Our Vision

As a non-stock, non-profit organization, RIHSPI is a zealous participant in the molding and maintaining of a Philippine society that is strong and fully enlightened and appreciative of the vastness of its heritage and the richness of its history.

RIHSPI is a spirited community of railway and industrial heritage-oriented individuals who are passionate in exchanging knowledge and meaningful information and performing responsibilities significant to its goal of preserving the railway and industrial heritage of the Philippines.

RIHSPI is a highly-specialized group actively collaborating with other organizations for broader reach and more productive and rewarding endeavors.

Our Mission

As a non-stock, non-profit organization, RIHSPI commits itself to the promotion, study, retrieval, preservation, restoration, recording and safeguarding of the treasures—documents, artifacts, memorabilia, images, plans, devices, structures, estates and other components—that constitute Philippine railway and industrial heritage.

RIHSPI seeks to realize these objectives by being the preeminent repository and scholarly resource of such historical and heritage materials enriched by the establishment and utilization by the public of the Reese Library and the Philippine National Museum of Railway Heritage.

RIHSPI ensures growth of its members and allied organizations through dynamic and meaningful exchange and production of knowledge.

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