About Us

On November 24, 2007 some railway and industrial heritage conservationists gathered at the P&R Mansion and Paco Railroad Station in Manila to celebrate the 115th year of the opening of the first railroad of the Philippines. On that day, the group consequently agreed to form a non-stock, non-profit organization respectful of Philippine laws.

The first members named the organization Railways and Industrial Heritage Society of the Philippines, Inc. (RIHSPI). RIHSPI was nicknamed Reese, in honor of PFC John N. Reese, an American-Indian who received a ‘Medal of Honor’ as hero of the Battle of Paco in 1945.

Reese is committed to the promotion, study, retrieval, preservation, restoration, recording and safeguarding of the treasures of Philippine railway and industrial heritage. Reese seeks to realize this goal by being the foremost repository and scholarly resource of such heritage materials through the establishment of its own library and museum.

As a Society, Reese certifies that no part of any income earned from its operations shall be issued as dividends to members or officers. Any profit obtained by Reese in its operation shall be for the furtherance of its goals.

Today, Reese holds office at Lubag Building, Balayong St., Barangay Calahan, Cardona, Rizal, Philippines 1950. Reese is an organization duly registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission. Currently, the Society has over 30 members, some of whom are from other parts of the globe.

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