RIHSPI Trustees and Officers 2012

The newly elected officers and trustees of RIHSPI are the following:

Karel Brouwers, President
Alberto Nual, Vice President
Juan Carlos Salamat, Secretary
Jaime Tiongson, Treasurer
Trustees: Victor Dennis Nierva, Rodney Orca, and Edlee Tusi

Trustee elections were done completely online last February 2012, a first for the Society. Election of the officers were held a month later, on March 4, 2012 at the PNR Tutuban Station.

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  1. Jose AntoNIO VILAR says:


    It has been sometime! I would like to share pictures of my working model railroad in G. You can come over to my office building at 509 Padre Faura to take a look at the working model. There is a depot, terminals, and a few more points of interests like working signals, railroad crossings, bridges, and even automatic gates for all the loco sheds.

    Joey VILAR

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