RIHSPI mentioned in FEDECRAIL Report

RIHSPI was mentioned in the newsletter of the European Federation of Museum & Tourist Railways (FEDECRAIL) in a report by Kyoichi Oda, a representative from the Railway Preservation Society of Japan.

Excerpts from Mr. Oda’s report:

The Railways and Industrial Heritage Society of the Philippines (RIHSPI), the national organisation, was established just three years ago. In that short time a couple of American-built heritage railcars and a signal box have been restored, and work is about to start on a new project, the first railway museum in the Philippines.

Recruiting youngsters is a common problem for heritage railways in Europe, North America, Oceania and Japan, but many members of RIHSPI are in their enthusiastic 20s – it seems that they have a bright future.

Kyoichi Oda

Mr. Oda visited the Philippines last June 2011 to discuss the formation of an Asia-Oceania umbrella organization for heritage and tourist railway organizations. RIHSPI was invited to be the Philippine representative and co-founder of the organization. This organization shall be a member of the World Association of Tourist Trams & Trains, ensuring a worldwide linkage to promote the heritage and tourist railways in the Asia-Oceania sector together in mutual prosperity.

Full link to Mr. Oda’s report can be found here.

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  1. cecil de leon-laya says:

    Greetings to RIHSPI! It is heartwarming to know that there is such a group who share the same passion and interest in preserving heritage railways as my son Jose who is just barely 11 years of age. I found out about your group through him and he is very much interested to know more or get actively involve in his own way towards preserving our very own PNR…He has been very fond of sketching and drawing all different types of trains or locomotives from different countries for years now. He can spent hours in the net surfing and reading about trains especially about PNR… and talk about them among his classmates even though they could hardly relate given that the kids now are more intersted with computer games and gadgets…In fact, last Mother’s day, we spent it by having a joy ride from Pasay Road station to Tutuban —toured Tutuban station just to have an actual glimpse of the trains and the railroad tracks and then just the same we took a train back to Pasay…This is just to respond to Mr. Kyoichi Oda’s call among youngsters to gain awareness of the importance of preserving the railways—at my son’s tender age (11yrs.old.) I could say there is hope—I am inspired by his enthusiasm and I am hopeful that this group will continue to share, inspire and encourage him as well so that he will find even more meaning to what he is very much fond of—trains and railroad tracks. More power to your group!

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