RIHSPI pays courtesy call to the new PNR General Manager

TUTUBAN, MANILA – RIHSPI members led by President Alberto Nual paid a Courtesy Call to Junio M. Ragragio, new General Manager of the Philippine National Railways at his office on October 5, 2010 wherein discussions for possible restoration projects and establishing a railway museum in Paco and Caloocan were held.

RIHSPI officials with new PNR GM Junio Ragragio

Hon. Junio M. Ragragio (center), PNR General Manager, talks with RIHSPI President Alberto Nual (right) and RIHSPI Vice President Karel Brouwers (left).

RIHSPI will assist PNR by providing old photographs to be used as a guide for rail station rehabilitation and restoration and provide historical information about possible heritage artifacts to be placed in the proposed rail museum. The restoration of the Abad Santos and Solis Signal Boxes were also given full support by GM Ragragio. RIHSPI and PNR will landscape the vicinity of the Abad Santos Signal Box.

Explaining the Abad Santos project

VP Karel Brouwers explains details of the Abad Santos Signal Box restoration project.

The existing exhibits at Tutuban lobby showing Buda 22 and a photo mural will also be expanded wherein a mini-museum will be placed in close coordination with PNR.

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